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Welcome to Ashford Place Subdivision. This website will provide a value of information for our community. Our interactive website will ensure all neighbors are up to date on what’s going on in our community and surrounding areas. While the site is open to renters and homeowners, there are areas only accessible to homeowners.
Please visit often.
We have a lot more information to share.
We are constantly improving this site.
Thanks you for your patience!

Fence Project- 2nd Phase
Community Fence Cleaning & Staining Project
Beginning October 1st fences will be cleaned and stained along both sides of Hufsmith-Kohrville Road  & Old Hufsmith- Kohrville Road, Also, Hufsmith-Kohrville Road & Northpointe Blvd.
We are starting clean/stain project at the above area so please watch our progress. Fences will be cleaned by community sections and inspected for any needed repairs, then the crews will return to stain. This work is dependent upon weather, this schedule is subject to change.
We also request that you remove anything attached to the fence, or within approximately two feet of the fence line (such as décor, toys, anything stored or leaning on the fence, etc.).The Association will not be responsible for any damage to anything left within two feet of the fence line.
FenceKeeper, the company that has been contracted to perform this work will be available to address any questions or concerns. If you have pets or anything on the back side of your fence, things that can’t be moved, such as delicate plants and shrubs, that need to be protected.
Please call and advise them, 281-222-8274 or email Melinda@fence-keeper.com.
FenceKeeper will be careful, using a low pressure and chemical wash to ensure all mold and mildew “gray” within the fence is neutralized and killed and that the fence surface is clean and prepped prior to stain application. ***Note*** with all cleaning of grayed fences before staining there is expected that the grass closest to the fence may be killed. The grass will grow back over time and is beneficial in keeping moisture away from the bottom of the fence. They will do their best to prevent this, but it is likely that there will be a kill line visible. As for any overspray on the grass from staining this will go away after several times of the grass being cut.
Letters were e-mailed to registered homeowners via the POA website & posted on the community FB page. You may also send an e-mail, using the link under the "Contact Us" page, for any questions you may have.
Fence Sections:
Section 1 (SE Quad) - Lacey Rd (by Blackshear entrance) going west to Telford Way and continuing on around to the park.
Section 2 (NE Quad) - Grand Ashford to Hufsmith-Kohrville going north to Northpoint then running east along Northpoint Dr. to the end. 
Section 3 (NW Quad) - Grand Ashford to Hufsmith-Kohrville going north then running west along the county owned gas line. 
Section 4 (SW Quad) - Grand Ashford to Hufsmith-Kohrville going south towards Lacey Rd.
Section 5 (Back side perimeter) - This section runs the entire length of Lacey Rd on the west side then turns at a 45 degree angle back to the north, Old Hufsmith-Kohrville Rd.

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Posted on Aug 16th, 2019

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